Sarah Little, Realtor

Rental Application

Applying for a Rental through Cardinal Realty Group, LLC

Please note our requirements state you must:

  1. make 3 times the rent in monthly income
  2. have either NO credit at all or at least a 580 credit score
  3. minimal collections (if any at all) and NO bankruptcy.
  4. PETS cannot be above 25 pounds and $200 deposit must be given.

Rental Application

Be sure to submit this application with:

  1. $45 for the 1st applicant and $35 for additional adults living in residence
  2. 2 paystubs
  3. 1 bank statement
  4. drivers license

The ONLY way to take the property off the market is with a Security Deposit with accepted application. Security Deposits are the same amount as rent. When you move in, you’ll pay a prorated rent amount. 

Our office is located at 210 Medical Center Dr in Prattville, AL. We are open 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday. If our office is closed, we have a locked drop box next to the front door that applications, money and documents can be put into!